Yoshi's Sweets Bakes for Japan

Toronto Bakes for Japan

Morning Menu

Croissants are baked fresh at Yoshi's Sweets every morning. Try it with a Black River Pear Nectar Juice and Yoshi's Own local Strawberry Freezer Jam. For at home or as a gift, buy a jar of this fruity low sugar jam as local picking seasons progress.

In the morning you will find fresh scones made with natural yoghurt, oats and fruit, fresh baked butter croissants served with homemade fresh freezer jams, rhubarb spice cake, homemade nut and oat granola served with milk or natural yoghurt, bread pudding, muffins or loaves.

Our weekend morning menu is special. Enjoy freshly baked breads all weekend or on Sundays come in for sweet or savory crêpes with different seasonal fillings.