Yoshi's Sweets Bakes for Japan

Toronto Bakes for Japan

Mid-Day Menu

Carrot Ginger Soup, one of Yoshi's Own daily homemade soups, a Soup du Jour favorite, available for sit-in or takeout, with a slice of one of Yoshi's Own weekend crusty artisan breads, Slow Rise Olive + Pesto Bread.

Our mid-day menu is light and simple: daily homemade soup, quiche, grilled panini sandwiches, side salads, breads, buns and biscuits. On Sundays, savory crêpes are part of the mid-day menu with different seasonal fillings.

Come enjoy a hot sit-in lunch on a cold day, or takeout a picnic and stroll two blocks down to the sandy beach on a summery day. If you'd like lunch to pickup, just give us a call and we can have it ready, waiting for you!