Yoshi's Sweets Bakes for Japan

Toronto Bakes for Japan

Sweet Menu

Callebaut Chocolate Ganache Tart and Pecan Tart, both made with cream cheese pasty. Many full size pies and flans available on custom order, see Special Occasions. Organic Fair Trade Coffees: Americano and Bold Blend available fresh brewed in-store or sold by the pound.

Our sweets are baked on premises, made with fresh natural ingredients. Our menu changes with the cycle of the seasons' fresh goods and traditions.

We have our staple sweets that you can be sure will always be there: bars and squares, shortbread cookies, iced sugar cookies, macaroons, tarts and cupcakes. We have specialties which we only bake at the height of the holiday seasons, which you won't want to miss.

On Sundays come in for sweet crêpes with different seasonal fillings.