Yoshi's Sweets Bakes for Japan

Toronto Bakes for Japan

The Bakery

Welcome to Yoshi's Sweets bakery-cafe in The Beaches! Our vision is simple, a friendly atmosphere with great baked goods baked on premises, made with fresh natural ingredients.

The secret to our baking is our old time recipes, some are Yoshi's grandma's, granny's and mom's, and some are new recipes that are always a nice addition to our classic staples.

Nowhere in The Beaches can you walk into a bakery, sit down, have a cup of fair trade organic coffee, and have a chat with the owner, or the owner's parents, sisters or fiancé. At Yoshi's Sweets you feel like you have walked into someone's cozy home, not just another coffee shop. It's not long before our new customers become regular customers, who always become friends. We know who you are, when to expect you, what your favorite sweets are and we pride ourselves on that.